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Projects that have been acquired by EDEN Multifamily

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Built in 1996, a 192 unit apartment community, located in Orlando, Florida. The asset enjoys excellent accessibility throughout the Orlando MSA. The heavy lifting was completed by the previous ownership. This allows us to concentrate solely on proactively managing the property to take advantage of the positive market fundamentals.

Sold after 5-year hold at 20IRR, 2x Equity Multiple

Built in 1972 and extensively renovated in 2006, 107 unit apartment community, located in Jacksonville, Florida. An upgrade/deferred maintenance program was initiated as units were sold upgrading all units at an estimated cost of $2,500/unit which would be in addition to an initial capital improvement program at an estimated cost of $1,500/unit.

100% sold out. Deal resulted in 20 IRR.

Built in 1998 with an 2008 $2mm upgrade, this 225 unit apartment community is located in Jacksonville, Florida. We spent $640,000 in capital improvements consisting of 77% interior upgrades and 23% exterior upgrades.

Sold after 5-year hold 25 IRR, 2.5 equity multiple.

Eden has a targeted infill approach to multifamily investment. through our EDEN acquisitions affiliate, we target specific underserved and infill submarkets in stabilized and high growth municipalities with a focus for early 1990’s vintage or newer, Class “B” value-add multi-family assets.


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